Disclaimer Statement

In order to maintain efficiency, the following disclaimer should be accepted and understood, informing both the Speaker/Author and *Organiser/Event responsibilities.

  1. I understand that the submission of an abstract does not automatically entitle me to participate in AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference neither as a speaker/presenter nor as a participant.
  2. Being a speaker/author in AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference, I undertake to complete and submit any other disclosure statements required by any other organisation, including the conference organiser, in relation to my participation in AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference, and I guarantee that the disclosure statement will be complete and truthful to the best of my knowledge.
  3. I understand that being a speaker /author in AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference, my name will be automatically included in the nomination list of speakers for the Best Speaker Award.
  4. I have made every effort to guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied within the Abstract Form, and disclaim all warranties with regards to the information included on the Abstract Form without limitation.
  5. I fully understand that AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided in this form.
  6. I understand that I will be solely responsible for my presentation, equipment such as hard disk, flash memories, CDs, DVD, laser pointers, portable computer devices, etc. and that AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference takes no responsibility, and disclaims any liability, for any personal equipment in regard to my presentation.
  7. I guarantee to not conduct any CPD/CME events (Conference, Courses, Seminars,Symposiums, Demonstrations, Workshops, etc.) on the same, similar or a differenttopic/subject/title within the United Arab Emirates 3 weeks before, and 3 weeks after the AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference.
  8. I understand that I need to have travel insurance and the *organisers are not liable for any emergency related to travelling to the event.
  9. I understand that in case accepted to lecture at AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference, the *organisers cannot guarantee specific time or date and program slot for my speech, and that last minute program changes are possible due to unforeseen circumstances and are accepted by me.
  10. I understand that if accepted to present at AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference, I have to provide my presentation (soft version) within 3 weeks from the date of the acceptance email. (Delay in submission will result in CPD accreditation delay and possibly in cancellation of the session)
  11. I understand that photos will be taken during my presentation for marketing purposes.
  12. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my presentation attendees of any hazards risks involved in the clinical application of the information presented without sufficient education, training and/or supervision.
  13. I declare that neither I, nor any member of my family has any financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organisation offering financial support for this continuing dental education programme, nor do I have a financial interest in any commercial product(s) or service(s) discussed in the presentation.  
  14. I understand that any handout materials to be distributed during or at the conference/course presentation must be submitted to the Scientific Committee at least one month prior to the event for approval. Only approved handout materials can be distributed during the conference/course session.
  15. Presentation Slides” outline is mandatory for the accrediting of any lecture. Kindly find the below guidelines for your perusal:
    • You may send the presentation as power point and/or pdf format via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or the MultiCloud.
    • The submitted presentation title and the actual sent presentation should be identical.
    • The lecture content should not be of commercial nature ( no endorsement for any specific commercial drugs, materials, products, treatments, or services)
    • Acknowledge the speaker sources by citing the references in last slid of his/her presentation slides.
    • Please honor all patient privacy and rights in regards to photos within the submitted presentation, note that this might cause denial of accreditation process.
  16. I understand that incomplete form will not be accepted as all required information should be received before the submission deadline.
  17. I retain my copyrights I may have in the presentation. Neither my presentation nor the grant of rights I have made to AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic 2024 Conference infringes or violates any copyright or other right of or breaches any obligation I have to any other person or entity.

By accepting this statement, I declare that the mentioned terms and conditions in points from (1) to (17) in the disclaimer statement and the guidelines for abstract submission and presentation are understood and accepted, and will be complied with and maintained.