All abstracts must be submitted in English using the online submission form on the APGCS website.

NOTE: Abstracts submitted by email, fax or post will NOT be accepted. The Conference organizers will not accept responsibility for any abstracts that have not been properly submitted according to the instructions.


Corresponding authors must provide the organizers with their full mailing address, office hours phone number, fax number and email address. Author and co-author information must be provided including the first and last names of all authors, their department, institution / hospital, city, state if applicable and country. Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as a free paper or a poster and its decision is final. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts for grammar and clarity.


Identification will be needed for
certain registrations.

(Identification will be needed)


50 USD

BPOF & APGCS Full Access

100 USD

All Healthcare Professionals:
(Abstract Presenters)


250 USD

Non-Participating Industry Members:
(Abstract Presenters)


3500 USD


  • The title must be brief, concise, and in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Authors: Please enter your name and your colleagues’ names as you wish them to appear in the final program.
  • The abstract should follow the template structure below and respect the words limit.
    • Background- Maximum 100 words
    • Methods- Maximum 150 words
    • Results- Maximum 250 words
    • Conclusion- Maximum 100 words
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to redact any submission.
  • Do not include references in the abstract.
  • Do not include keywords in the abstract.
  • Abbreviations should be spelled out, in parenthesis, in their first use in the abstract.


As an E-poster presenter, you are asked to prepare a single PDF page/Image, using that will be displayed at Mobile- App of BPOF-APGCS 2024.

  • The E-poster PDF file and JPEG file should be submitted with pixels width 1080px and height 1920px, PORTRAIT layout.
  • The font size should be 20pt or bigger.
  • An E-Poster submitters can display employs a diverse range of elements, including text, graphs, tables, charts, and images, to effectively present the highlights of a subject.

As always in a scientific presentation, the E-poster should include:

  • Statement of the problem
  • Significance of the problem
  • Description of the research method
  • Presentation of results or expected results
  • Summary of the work and conclusions


  • Abstracts submitted by email, fax or post will not be accepted.
  • Final Abstracts must be submitted in PDF Format to be able to view on the Mobile-App
  • All abstract authors and co-authors should be registered to be given access to onsite conference and exhibition and receive the E-certificate post completion of BPOF & APGCS,
  • E-Posters should be optimally designed to be viewed well on the Mobile App, and should quickly acquaint the viewer with the basics of your subject and make the viewer want to learn more.

For any inquiries regarding abstract submissions please reach out to Misbah Ahmed, +971525192815 (WhatsApp) or email at