nationwide competition for university and school students to showcase their innovative ideas and startups.
The competition encourages entrepreneur students with either an innovative or a business startup idea or prototype to present it to a panel of judges.
It is a great opportunity for students to measure their skills against those of their peers. They also can socialize, obtain valuable experience, win prizes, and get exposed to the market and to potential investors and business owners.

The U-Start Competition is an entry ticket to the world of entrepreneurship and also to receive expert support and recognition 


  1. Applicants can be from high schools, universities or individuals from the industry. They will all compete separately.
  2. Startups must be at the prototype phase and not exceed more than 3 years in operations.
  3. Startups must be under either of the following focus areas:
    • Focus Area 1 Entrepreneurship in the service industry and the innovative approaches to provide the best service.
    • Focus Area 2 Innovative ideas in the education and training industries.
    • Focus Area 3 Innovative systems for sustainability.

DEADLINE: January 5th, 2022
Focus Area 1 Entrepreneurship in the service industry and the innovative approaches to provide the best service.

LIVE PITCH CONFERENCE 3  – January 25th, 2022

The best applicants will then enter the second round of the Startup Competition.


A good presentation usually has the following content (not necessary in the same order) and these are the key criteria judges are looking for:

  1. Concept and vision including the elevator pitch: one liner about your product or service
  2. Market opportunity: Define market size & customer base
  3. Problem & current Solutions
  4. Product or service: Your solution
  5. Business model: Key Revenue Streams
  6. Market approach & strategy: How you grow your business
  7. Team & key stakeholders (investors, advisors, partners)
  8. Finances
  9. Competition
  10. Investment: Your ‘Ask’ (funding, mentoring, market access etc.) + short use of resources